Fratelli Lyon


Italian antipasti/sandwich/dinner spot in the design district.

What we had:

Carciofi alla mediterranea--marinated artichokes, leeks & fennel served antipasti-style
Combination of 3 salumi:
Coppa--USA cured pork shoulder
Bresaola--Uruguay air-dried beef
Toscano--USA Coarse ground dry-cured sausage

The artichokes were fair, but the real star of the meal was the meat. It was a toss-up between the beef and the sausage for our favorite. Both were superb. All three were, really.

The meal also came with chewy, perfect fresh bread slices.

I also had a fresh blood orange soda, and it was great. I'm not fan of sugar at all, and this was a really good soda. I'm not sure what it was sweetened with, but whatever i was, it wasn't obnoxious.

We also had espresso, which was tasty and served with delicate almond cookie lumps.


Nice. Modern, clean, orange & white.


so-so. Our drinks took almost until the meal was finished to come.

Overall impressions:

A satisfying light lunch spot. I'm curious to see how dinner is.

What Google says; company website


4 out of 5 salamanders