Harriette's Diner

Jam-packed little roadside diner on the wayback from Duck Key. Possibly in Key Largo.

What we had:

Continuing my theme of conch, I had the conch fritter burger with eggs, hashedbrowns & a homemade biscuit (with local honey bottled special for the restaurant). Sometimes you gamble on a weird menu item & lose. This time I won. This was a surprisingly nice combination, though I didn't really need the Mickey Dees-style hashed brown patty. The slightly-yielding, lightly fried burger-sized fritter with unctuous egg yolk would have sufficed. You really can't go wrong with a homemade biscuit, either. Especially not one that's light, flaky & ever-so-slightly holds firm against your teeth.

My DH had the pancakes, which he thoroughly enjoyed.


Homey, with tons of awards and pictures on the walls.


Diner efficient and down-home friendly.

Overall impressions:

A great little spot to fortify ourselves for the drive back.


3.5 out of 5 salamanders

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