Ye Olde Falcon Pub

Irish pub on University in Plantation.

What we had:

I had the bangers & mash-frozen, steamed veggies that were blessedly butter-free, fresh mashed potatoes and pork sausagues that I wasn't a fan of (I know, right? Given my affinity for pork, I never thought I'd write such words either), covered in a decent beef gravy.

My DH had a chili cheese dog that ended up ripping his stomach up.

Our friend had the shepard's pie, which he thoroughly enjoyed.


Dark (misding the smoky) and smelled like alcohol in the middle of the after nnon, but hey, it's a pub. Very Irish themed.


Typical for a bar.

Overall impressions:

Might be a good place to grab a pint & watch a game.


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