Tom's Harbor House

The main restaurant on Duck Key. The whole Key is basically Hawks Cay Resort (not my favorite place), this restaurant (which may or may not be affiliated), some tour boats & a pro shop/convenience store (affiliation also unknown).

What we had:

The meal started with hands-down the best conch fritters I've ever eaten. The perfectly-fried fritters had actual, discernable conch, nice flavor & a nice bite of spice.

I had the Mahi wrapped in banana leaves with Key lime butter, mixed veggies & coconut milk rice. OMG this dish was awesome. Almost regretted it, but I finished every bite. The fish was tender & perfect, the veggies were a nice mix that included vibrant red peppers, and the rice... The rice was fan-freaking-tabulous & I must make it at home.

My DH had the whole steamed w/crispy skin Yellowtail Snapper, which was also great (but not as great) and came served with veggies & rice.


Non-obnoxious nautical with lots of honeyed wood.


Prompt & personable.

Overall impressions:



4 out of 5 salamanders