New Dominos

I grew up in a Pizza Hut or Little Caesars household. I think my father once likened Dominos to rat barf. So, when I saw the bold new ad campaign addressing the company's shortfallimgs, I was beyond intrigued and impressed. I fell for the taxidermied Quiznos hamsters, too.

What we had:

I had a mushroom & spinach pizza and my DH had a pepperoni & bacon pizza, both on original crust.

Go Dominos. I must say, this was entirely efible--the garlic brushed crust was pretty tasty, the sauce was much better than Papa Johns, the cheese came from a cow and the toppings were decent. The spinach was mummified, but points for having spinach in the first place.


Messy again living area.


WTF? Why no delivery?

Overall impressions:

I'm impressed. Not impressed enough to choose it over delivery, but impressed all the same.


3 out of 5 salamanders