Latin Burger & Taco Truck

Ingrid Hoffman's gourmet traveling burger & taco truck serving primarily North Miami so far.

I stalk the truck on Twitter to find out if it will be anywhere near me on any given day.

What we had:

We caught up to the truck outside the Busy Bee car wash on Biscayne and ordered the menu (minus fries).

Latin burger: a rich blend of chorizo, chuck & sirloin topped with Oaxaca cheese, hottie onions (caramelized onions with jalapenos), avocado sauce & red pepper mayo. Yum. Pretty great.

Tacos: green chile chicken (pretty good), mole chicken (also pretty good) and sweet BBQ pork with corn (awesome).


A pretty black and hot pink truck by the side of the road.


Rushed but courteous.

Overall impressions:

Mmmmm. Glad I'm stalking the truck, if for nothing but the clandestine adventure of the venue. The food is pretty good, too.


3.5 salamanders