Ernesto's Taco Shop

Pretty damn authentic taco (and other Mexican fare) joint on West Dixie Highway out by Zoo Miami.

What we had:

We both had the three amigos tacos: 1 carne asada with fresh guacamole, pico and onions; 1 carnitas with onions; and 1 barbacoa with onions and cilantro on corn tortillas.

The barbacoa was my favorite--juicy shredded beef cooked to falling apart with nice seasoning.

The carne was my DH's favorite, mostly because of the fresh guac. The steak was moist and flavorful, too.

The carnitas wasn't bad, just on the dry side. The achiote seasoning was nice.

We each had a side of fresh and tasty refried beans.

The salsas were fresh and refreshing. The bright red variety was surprising, with a pizza-ish taste. The others were nice as well.


Nothing to write home about. It's a taco shop, what do you expect?


Fast food-ish style. Order at the front with table service.

Overall impressions:

"Are we in a rut?" My DH asked. If we are, I'll take it. Tacos are just so. damn. good.


3.75 out of 5 salamanders

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