Spice Resto Lounge

Spice is a Brazilian cocktail lounge/restaurant/night club off of Young Circle in Hollywood. I went with a couple of former co-workers, "the ladies," for drinks & dinner.

What we had:

We lucked into half price drinks and appetizers (from 6-8), so we only ended up spending around $20 each.

Aside from our decent and strong drinks, we had:

Fresh fried calamari--light, perfectly-fried in fresh oil with marinara.

Grilled chicken and steak skewers--nicely seasoned and still juicy.

Beef mini empanadas--very well seasoned ground beef in lightly-fried non-flaky pastry with sour cream.

Chicken quesadilla--this was surprisingly tasty, with juicy chicken, nice onions, and not too much cheese served with guacamole and sour cream.

Fried plantain chips--fried long strips of plantain fried in fresh oil served with limey garlic sauce.

Some sort of Brazilian croquettes that started with a c--fried mashed potato dumplings stuffed with peas, cheese and something else served with a nice sweet and sour sauce.

All of the appetizers were tasty, and prepared from fresh ingredients with care.


Decent. Dark and clubbish. The servers, while not technically decor, are something else. All of the female servers were dressed in some variation of a white bra and hipster underwear with fish nets and comfortable boots; the male waiters were dressed in tight white shirts. Some servers were more successful than others with the outfit, of course. Our bartender/server was adorable and had I an ass that looked like hers, I'd run around in undies all day too.


We were served by the bartender, who was very friendly and managed to be attentive even when the bar got busy.

Overall impressions:

This is a vibrant and fun little place. On the loud side for serious conversation unless you scream, but a great place to grab a bite & a drink. From what I've heard, Spice erupts into a wild party every night. From what we saw early on the evening, I'd believe it.


3.5 out of 5 salamanders

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