UVA 69

A Barcelonian-style bistro/urban wine bar/tapas lounge in MiMo.

What we had:

I had the grilled chicken breast with saffron mashed potatoes, a wild mushroom and sherry cream sauce and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus. I don't know quite what drew me to this dish over the steak. Maybe it was the mushrooms. Maybe the asparagus. Maybe the chicken at Michael's Genuine... whatever it was, I'm glad I broke out of my beefy/porky mold. The chicken was moist and nicely flavored (warning: some skin and the leg bone comes left on the breast); and the sherry mushroom sauce provided a rich foil for the dense potatoes. The asparagus came wrapped in perfectly-crispy prosciutto (possibly deep fried). Nothing to complain about there.

My DH had the Habanero. A Cuban-style pressed sandwich with roasted pork, pepper jack cheese, French ham, cornichons, caramelized onions and Dijon mustard on a fresh French baguette. This sandwich had a great mix of fat, salt and sweet. Nice quality ham and juicy pork.

The table bread, fresh sun-dried tomato foccacia, was good as well.

We also had cocktails. As we all know, I never like cocktails as much as I think I'm going to. I got a whole 3 sips into my lychee and raspberry-tini. What I should have gotten is the Tom Collins my DH ordered. The bartender had to look up the recipe, but the drink came out flawless (with a sword-skewered cherry to boot!).


We sat outside in the front dining/lounging area on large lounging couch-style booths.


Not bad. Friendly and unobtrusive.

Overall impressions:

UVA is a great place to grab drinks and bar bites, and we would go again for a more substantial meal.


3.75 out of 5 salamanders for no real reason, except that we both agreed we just couldn't bump the rating up to 4. Neither of us were sure why, either.

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