Gastropod Food Truck

We finally caught up to Gastropod at Fairchild Gardens' Mango Festival. As a side note, we always have kickers food at these events. Last time, it was Tropical Chinese and kettle corn. This time, it was Gastropod, an Indian joint in Pinecrest I must find, and more kettle corn. I dream about the kettle corn.

What we had:

Ban Mi Tacos--succulent pork with a quick-pickled carrot slaw, cilantro, and light sauce on soft corn tortillas. Fan. Freakin. Tabulous. Like holy crap good. Th pork was really out of this world and generously heaped on the tortillas.

We also had an all beef hot dog with stupid slaw on a potato roll. This was pretty good, but can't hold any real candle to the tacos. The dog was top quality, the roll was great and the slaw was pretty good; just not as good as the tacos. We must try the short rib burger. With an egg.


Shiny, shiny prettiness.


Quick as a food truck can be with a cool vibe.

Overall impressions:

Why has it taken us this long to track this truck down??? What is wrong with us?! Its not like i don't Twitter stalk the 'pod. We won't make that mistake again.

Ooh, and for those of you in places not-Miami... Gastropod travels. Last time it was Asheville, NC. Next up is Charleston, SC. They also hit Bonnaroo this year.


4.5 out of 5 salamanders

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