Brand new New American bar/bistro-style cuisine spot in The Village at Gulfstream.

What we had:

I had the Primebar burger w stir-fried vegetables. My DH had the French dip sandwich with fries.

This was an oddly hit or miss meal-- the French dip, (which was really just a Philly-style roast beef), was really great (as was the beefy and flightly herbal jus), but the fries were Sysco.

My burger was cooked to death, unseasoned, and sucked all the taste out of my mouth. The mushrooms were on the greasy side, but had a nice taste. Too bad they were lost in the huge slab of goat cheese. The grilled tomato was awesome. The stir fried veggies were something special, with notes of five spice & curry (carrots, snow peas, broccoli, shiitake, onion, edamame & red bell pepper). I dwapped this huge portion--a whole bowl full--of lightly sweet tender-crisp vegetables for the fries.


Nice, with dark woods and caramel colors.


Our food took forever, but the server was apologetic.

Overall impressions:

Despite the hit-or-miss meal, we would like to come back. The menu was interesting (pork belly tacos & short rib sliders). Next time, we will do the all plates.


A tentative 3 out of 5 salamanders

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