American Noodle Bar

Long anticipated Asian-influenced gourmet noodle bar based out of a motel in the Upper East Side.

What we had:

I had a bowl of noodles with honey shallot sauce, 3-hr duck & mixed veggies. The sauce was very light--I only tasted the first bite or two, but the duck was amazing. The veggies were nice, if a bit sparse for my taste.

My DH had the bacon sauce with garlicky pork meatballs. The bacon sauce was smoky perfection that covered each noodle well. The meatballs were good, garlicky as advertised, and moist.

The jury is out as to whether the thick spaghetti-style noodles are fresh or not. They're good either way.


Decor is cute--one long, low black table with little stools and a half bar against the wall. Black woods & chalkboard wall. Siracha on the table with tiny bonsai trees. Asian without being tacky. You also can't go wrong with Bruce Lee on the flat screen & The Beastie Boys on the radio.


Quick serve style with a friendly and efficient staff.

Overall impressions:

We will definitely go back many times for lunching search of the perfect sauce/topping mix.


4 out of 5 salamanders

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