La Bamba Spanish & Mexican Restaurant

We happened to be in Lauderhill and decided to visit this place on a suggestion from Yelp. Yelp gives it a high orange rating, and the reviews were mainly glowing.

What we had:

The table chips were greasy and flat; the salsa was watery and fairly tasteless.

I had the shredded beef burrito with mushrooms and refried beans in a brown sauce and my DH had the chicken burrito with green sauce & cheese.

The meat was so-so, with the same seasoning used for both. My mushrooms were nearly non-existent, but I was starving so could have missed them. I wasn't stopping to savor. My DH said his wasn't terrible.

The beans were canned.


Interesting richly-detailed dwirlt Mayan-esque paint accents with natural colors and adobe home arch shapes.



Overall impressions:

Wtf is wrong with Yelp? Our first clue should have been the unexciting menu. Boring American Mexican (think Mexican restaurants in the midwest or in the South in the 90s; cheese and sauce-covered dishes with the same 3 ingredients configured multiple Taco Bell Menu ways) with "Spanish" dishes that have little to do with the Spanish cuisine I know. The menu also has a distinct lack of pork.


2.5 out of 5 salamanders

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