Surf Road Taco

A hole in the wall Mexi-Cali surf shack taco joint in Hollywood right next to 'the tracks'.

What we had:

My DH and I both ordered taco platters--2 tacos with rice & beans.

The portions were large for the price ($5.95 for land meat & $6.95 for seafood). The table chips were greasy & old-ish, but the salsa was nice and fresh.

I had a South Bay grilled Mahi Mahi taco with shredded green cabbage, pico and cilantro lime sour cream & a Big Spender taco with shredded pork, lettuce, tomato and guacamole. The Mahi was tender and well-seasoned and the accompaniments gave a nice taste to the taco. The pork was moist, if a bit under-seasoned, and the accompaniments worked well.

I also had black beans, which were cooked from dried and were nicely seasoned. The rice was lightly seasoned and fluffy. If edible rice in a Mexican restaurant is a new trend, I would like to request from the trend-setter powers that be that it continue.

My DH had the Big Spender & the Frube--shredded chicken with lettuce, cheese, pico & sour cream. He enjoyed the pork taco, but said the chicken was nothing special and aggressively drowned in sour cream.

My DH also had the refried beans, which were not good at all. They were oddly spiced & tin-canny with a lingering bizarre metallic taste. They made me shudder.

All tacos come with flour tortillas. Corn is available upon request. We stuck with flour, and they were decent.


Run-down surf shack. To be fair, the building itself is old & run-down.


We were the only patrons for most of our meal, and the small staff was friendly & accommodating.

Overall impressions:

Overall, the tastes weren't bad.


3 out of 5 salamanders

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