Mangos on Las Olas

I think this place is some kind of holdover Fort Lauderdale standard. Every time we're on Las Olas, it seems to be fairly busy and I could picture Blanche Deveraux lunching here.

What we had:

I had the chipotle chicken sandwich--moist chicken, nice balance with crispy applewood smoked bacon, not terribly present charred onions, and a chipotle BBQ sauce that leant a nice tang but no chipotle taste at all. Good ciabatta bun. Smashed potatoes were nice but bland.

My DH had the burger-- perfect mid rare, nice quality beef, bun could have been beefier.


I don't think it has been redecorated since the early 90s. We ate in some sort of sunny lenai, which is an improvement over the cave-like interior seating area. The place looked on first glance like it was going to smell of mildew, but thankfully did not.


The food took forever to come out and our server needed a helmet.

Overall impressions:

Odd pricing structure, with sandwiches only about a dollar cheaper than entrees. Surprising lack of mango on the menu. Menu needs copy re-vamping. You'd think the tea would be tropical.


2.5 out of 5 salamanders, mostly for the service

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