Islamorada Fish Co.


"Keys" influenced fish restaurant attached to Bass Pro Shops/Outdoor World.

What we had:

Great bread, yet again. This bread was sweet Bimini-style bread--soft, sweet, with crumbles of brown sugar on top. Mmmmmm....

I had the grilled create-your-own combo--grilled local dolphin (blackened) and grilled sea scallops (fresh roasted garlic style).
The dolphin was light, the blackened seasoning spot-on. the scallops were pretty impressive. They were actually cooked right (gasp!). One on the end was even a hair underdone. The garlic topper made a great addition to my baked potato. The "fresh" vegetable side--not so much. Edible, but that's it.

My DH had the fried create-your-own combo--fried Florida grouper and crab cakes.
The batter was pretty good--not overpowering flaky style. The crab cake was decent, but a matter of personal/regional choice--there was plenty of crab in that cake.


Chain fish restaurant decor with a nice vertical tank in the middle of the room.



Overall impressions:

We were out first day of hurricane season indulging my doomsday-scenario paranoia shopping and starving. This place was a pleasant surprise. We expected frozen fishsicks, and got a decent meal. And, as a bonus, we're now prepared for the apocalypse.

Company website; what Google says


3 out of 5 salamanders