Dave & Buster's


Adult-style arcade with something for everyone from Trivia games to Skeeball to zombie shooters and racing games.

What we had:

The Monterray burger, horrible cocktails and a steak and cheese sandwich. The burger was surprisingly good; beef cooked medium-rare, decent cheese, mushrooms and a nicely-flavored bun. The steak and cheese was good as well. The fries were ho-hum, but not terrible. The apple-tini tasted like cough medicine. I've had an apple-tini at other locations, and it was pretty good. The replacement drink, a Tom Collins, was marginally better.


Loud, raucous and yet fun. The arcade games are where it's at.


Abominable. I went with a large party and half of the table got terrible service but appetizers and the other half got abominable service with no appetizers. The server was truly inept. I don't know if she had a bunch of other tables or what, but she was less than attentive and the food took half-way to forever to come out.

Overall impressions:

I'd willingly go back for the games, but I wouldn't expect a great dining experience. Think Friday's on crack. With zombie-hunting.

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2 out of 5 salamanders