Moe's Southwest Grill


Huge burritos, tex-mex style. Fresh ingredients.

What we had:

Big-ass burritos with chips. A Homewrecker (rice, black beans, chicken, lettuce, pico, cheese, guac, sour cream & cilantro) and a Joey Bag of Donuts (the same, minus sour cream & guacamole). All of the ingredients are fresh and there are 6 varieties of salsa to choose from.


"fun" and bright.


Nuveau fast food.

Overall impressions:

Moe's is one of those places we go to over and over. We love Moe's. Moe's makes us happy. To us, it's the best of the crop. Chipotle is nice, but Moe's just has more selection. Not as many meat selections, but it's just.... better.

Welcome to Moe's! ; what
Google says.


4 out of 5 salamanders

***We have subsequently gone to the Sunrise location. We still love Moe's, and this one is closer to our place, but the guys behind the counter were terrible. The burritos were wrapped waaayyy too loose, the chicken was too wet and at least 2 out of 3 of the counter guys were standing around with vacant looks on their faces. Not the best experience.

I also tried something new; the Chicken Club Burrito. Ick. The bacon was undercooked, low-quality and too salty. The ranch sauce really didn't add anything to the equation.

I would skip it. Hopefully they'll bring the fish taco back!