Twenty-One Toppings


Gourmet burger joint.

What we had:

Sirloin burgers. I had goat cheese, avocado, applewood smoked bacon, grilled portabello mushrooms, mixed greens and the house remoulade on mine. My DH had bacon, avocado, provalone and garlic mayo. Both cooked mid-rare. We both had fries. The burgers were pretty good. The patties weren't huge, but with the toppings added I was a bit frightened of my burger. The fries were cooked nicely in fresh grease.


Minimalist vaguely "street" decor with a grafitti-style mural.


It's a nuveau fast-food joint.

Overall impressions:

Not bad at all. I liked the variety of toppings. You can really build any kind of burger you would like from egg or ham-topped to portabello and eggplant topped. The "fixins" were fresh. The burgers themselves aren't bad in price ($7.95 for a build-your-own), but the fries are extra. Keep that in mind. We ended up paying $25 for two burgers, two fries and two drinks. Had we realized, we would have split the fries.

They have a website, but I can't find it. ; what
Google says.


3 out of 5 salamanders