Thai House II


A local Thai restaurant I really, really wanted to like better.

What we had:

A chicken wonton appetizer, Massamam shrimp curry and Saute chicken with chili paste. The chicken wontons were amazing; they were fried perfectly and the chicken was subtly nuanced and perfectly seasoned. They were served with a top-notch fresh duck sauce. The plating was attractive as well. The shrimp curry was disappointing. The dish had large butterflied prawns (overcooked, but the best part of the dish), huge chunks of sweet potato, huge chunks of avocado, huge chunks of onion, a scant few peanuts and a bland coconut milk/curry sauce. The dish would have been better with some spice (I requested medium, or spice level 2), and if the vegetables were in smaller chunks. Sweet potatoes the size of Reese's Peanut Butter cups are just disturbing. The chicken with chili paste (deep fried sliced chicken breast sauteed with chili paste, ginger, eggs, scallions and bell pepper) was great in the first bite and too sweet in subsequent bites. The chicken was nice, the bell peppers were especially well cooked. The ginger kept creeping up all in a single bite and there was an abundance of egg (which I'm not sure is entirely a bad thing, but in this dish the egg really didn't add anything taste-wise).


Beautiful wood carvings, decent (if noisy) ambiance and waitstaff in Thai-style dress.


Horrible. Our waitress was hostile at first, and it just went down from there. It was ridiculous. Our appetizer took over 15 mins. to come out, and the food was another 15 mins. after that. The drinks even took forever, and all we ordered was hot tea (Jasmine) and a Dr. Pepper. By the end of the meal we were fairly certain (at least we hoped) it was just our server; everyone else around us got their food in a near-timely manner. It looked to us like the sushi side of operations went much quicker than the Thai side.

Overall impressions:

We really wanted to like this place. We want to go back, if for nothing else but the decor and the Sushi, but we will definitely request a different server and we would like to sit in the Thai-style seating area.

The company doesn't have a website; what
Google says.


2 out of 5 salamanders