P.F. Chang's


A chain Chinese bistro usually found in conjunction with an upscale mall. In N. Miami beach, it's next to a Morton's and someplace called Houstons.

What we had:

A really tasty seared tuni appetizer, I had a kick-ass sea bass dish, the brown puffed rice I've had dreams about, a really really really good key lime martini. I do seem to remember the sauce for the fish being a bit salty, but it was still nice and buttery and cooked well. My DH had a good regular martini and some chicken thing that was really good as well.


Open, Asian-influenced, modern, dark wood & painted Chinese mural. Big-ass war horses outside.


Always busy, but not lay down and die horrible.

Overall impressions:

I always forget just how much I enjoy this place. I generally avoid chains (or at least I try hard to), but this place does it right. The food is consistently tasty (at least the 3 times at 3 locations I've been to have been really good), and the price per satisfaction is right on. Especially in Miami (where a salad or a burger usually runs you $10), a fish dish for $18 isn't bad at all. Do be prepared to wait for a table, for the noise that comes with a large open plan, and tourists (it's Florida... they're everywhere!), but it's okay. You're right at home there in scrubby jeans or shorts or dressed for a nice dinner.

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4 out of 5 salamanders