Pita Palace


Local Glatt Kosher Israeli-style Mediterranean sit-down/take-out restaurant in the Loehmann's Fashion Island, Aventura.

What we had:

Shwarma and a side of fries. The shwarama (shaved turkey, tzaki sauce, hummus, green spicy stuff, cucumber, tomato, red cabbage) was very tasty. I could have dealt with more spice and I was in want of some pickle but it was very filling and very tasty. The fries were really good, too.


Typical pita place. No decorating budget, but it doesn't really need it. We sat outside.


The guys behind the counter were friendly, and the cashier was perhaps the nicest I've ever encountered. Beware: they don't take Amex.

Overall impressions:

The food was good, but not I must have it every day, but we will go back time and time again because the cashier was that nice.

No company website ; I couldn't even find them on Google. I promise it exists.


4 out of 5 salamanders