Fuji Hana

Chain sushi/Thai place based out of Atlanta.

What we had:

Sushi. The rolls we had were decent. Not top of the line, but entirely serviceable. The sushi chef was at medium skill; most of the rolls didn't fall apart, but they didn't have the grade-A tight roll either. Prices were decent, $5-13. Sushi selections are a tad pedestrian, but it's nice to see something other than the same 10 "specialty" rolls offered by every chain that does sushi. I'm interested to see if the lack of roe offered is typical of Miami. The hot tea came by the glass.


Decent. Quiet, dim lighting, nice patio seating area.


Decent. The waitress was confused when we asked for a sushi sheet. I'm not sure if that was just this restaurant or indicative of area trend.

Overall impressions:

I won't run back, but if I'm at Loehmann's plaza and want sushi, I'd go back.

Company website ; what
Google says.


3 out of 5 salamanders